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Laser Tag - PrimeTime Family Entertainment Center from PrimeTime FEC.


Laser Tag

Delta Strike laser tag is a sophisticated, interactive laser tag game played in a futuristic arena we call Urban Chaos. Participants, wearing fiber optic battle vests and futuristic phasers, engage in an exciting and exhilarating battle of strategy with others.


In an atmosphere of black lighting, fog, stunning graphics, and special effects, players must maneuver through the remains of an urban battle field. They must dodge darkness piercing laser beams that fill the arena as an erie glow emanates from the front and back of the high tech fiber optic vests.


A fiery scarlet beam centers on your vest. Someone has you in their sights! You're hit! A vibrating senser thrums a sensation, letting you know the bad news. Your phaser is de-energized for only five seconds, but it feels like a lifetime! You phaser has powered up, and the action starts again. You attack your opponent's home base. Sentry pods blast at your heels as you scramble for cover. The sound system kicks out some galactic beats. The suspense is unbearable. Strobes explode. Special effect lighting creates a dizzying display. Sirens scream the impending danger! Games may begin with only two players, and can have as many as twenty-two! So definitely bring a friend or a whole group to enjoy Delta Strike laser tag.


Height Requirements:

Players must be able to suit the vest properly.




Game Types

There are eight different types of laser tag games that you can play at PrimeTime.



The standard game type.

Players are divided into two teams



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