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Back Stage Pass

Our private, 18 and older bowling and billiard area. And hey, it's BYOB!


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PrimeTime Backstage Pass



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Back Stage Pass Standard Pricing

Cover: $5

Shoes: $3

Hourly Bowling: $24


Back Stage Pass Deals


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Back Stage Pass Information

Backstage pass features eight new boutique bowling lanes. They are USBC certified lanes, but with a completely different feel than the rest of our lanes. Instead of the standard bowling chairs and tables, bowlers will be sitting on plush couches. This area will be separate from our standard bowling area, and feel more like a lounge area.


Backstage Pass is perfect for large parties that want to have a private area. Our new banquet room will open directly into Backstage Pass.


Another new feature of Backstage Pass is the option bring their own alcoholic beverage. Here are a few policy guidelines regarding beverages in Backstage Pass:


All patrons to Backstage Pass are asked to enter the Backstage Pass area via the North door of  Prime Time's building.  (Across from mini golf)


Backstage Pass patrons must be at least of 18 years old. Kids are not allowed in Backstage Pass.


Wrist bands will be issued at the Backstage Pass door dependent upon the age.  Backstage Pass staff use these bands to identify those persons of legal drinking age and who have paid the $5 Backstage Pass cover charge.  Therefore, the wrist bands must be worn at all times.  Any person without the appropriate Backstage Pass wrist band will be asked to leave the Backstage Pass area.


Upon entrance, Backstage Pass patrons will be provided buckets, ice and cups free of charge.  No outside coolers please.


Alcoholic beverages are limited to beer, wine and champagne.


PrimeTime reserves the right to limit the amount of alcohol brought in the facility.


Underage drinking is prohibited.


No other outside food and beverages are permitted.


For the benefit of all Backstage Pass patrons, please drink responsibly.  Inebriated persons will be asked to leave the premises.


Notwithstanding “Backstage Pass” and “Banquet” areas, Prime Time Family Entertainment Center continues to be an alcohol free facility.  Please respect our non-drinking guests and their children by refraining from bringing alcoholic beverages through the main entrance of Prime Time or outside the designated Back Stage Pass/Banquet areas.




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