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Dr Walker's Antidote

A recent mysterious outbreak has claimed the lives of over 3 million people worldwide.  But what people don’t know is that this “outbreak” is actually a weaponized version of an early cancer drug developed in 1951 by Dr. Jerome Walker.   The military took all of Dr. Walker’s cancer research and developed a poison called the Apocalypse Gas.   This weaponized formula was thought to have been destroyed in 1962, following the Cuban Missile Crisis.   The U.S. government deemed the poison “too dangerous” and reported that the Apocalypse Gas was capable of wiping out all of mankind.  U.S. Intelligence confirms that a new terrorist cell has obtained a copy of this weaponized formula and is currently using it to poison food manufacturing factories and water treatment plants.   Dr. Walker never believed that the government destroyed the formula, so he spent the remainder of his life trying to develop an antidote to the poison.  Your mission is to find the antidote in Dr. Walker’s ranch house in Texas. Walker has been dead since 1976, but his residence remains intact. Because of his fascination with puzzles and magic tricks, we know that Dr. Walker has left behind a series of hidden clues that will lead to the antidote.  Finding the antidote will be tricky, so be alert.  Remember… time is of the essence.  The terrorist cell is expected to strike in less than 90 minutes.  Finding the antidote formula is the only hope we have to save thousands of civilian lives. Find the Clues! Solve the Puzzles! Save the World!

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